Following a job offer in Seattle, Frankie & Alan had just 5 months to plan their perfect wedding at home before jetting off to the USA. Here, Frankie tells North East Brides how they managed to pull it off!

“Alan and I met at Newcastle University, where we were introduced by a mutual friend. Our mutual love of adventure, travel and fun connected us from that first day. 7 years later, on a truly unforgettable holiday in Cuba, Alan plucked up the courage to propose.
We were enjoying the beautiful sunset during a walk on the beach when we took a seat to soak in the view. Alan took a big breath and blurted out ‘I really want to marry you!’. We had often spoken about ‘when we get married’ so when he finally asked I was utterly stunned and just kept saying, ‘are you being serious’, obviously through tears of joy!”